BioZone AC Range

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The BioZone Aircare solution has many benefits

  • Creates a fresh-smelling washroom that is pleasant to use by removing odour-causing airborne and surface bacteria
  • Protects washroom users by promoting an hygienic environment that is free of viruses, mould and fungi
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces the need for chemical solutions to control bad odours e.g. urinal blocks, harsh chemical cleaners
  • Equivalent to a 16-watt low-energy light bulb, reduces energy cost
  • Enhanced user experience – increases overall customer and employee satisfaction
  • The end result is a bacteria-controlled washroom that is odour-free!
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If visitors to your washrooms are presented with unpleasant odours they may well perceive there to be poor standards of hygiene as well as a general lack of care and poor management of your site facilities.

To help you with this each Biozone unit having a small, space-saving design footprint, is ideal for portable needs or fixed locations and has the following benefits.

  • Each unit Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Biozone does not use consumables, such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries
  • They are Maintenance free – and only require simple annual UV lamp replacement
  • Biozone are easily mounted on a ceiling or wall (includes mounting kit)
  • Simple to install on mains or a wall plug
  • Biozone are resistant to vandalism
  • Biozone will highlight your company image as a promoter of the Green Initiative.
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