Biohygiene Kitchen Cleaner And DegreaserBiohygiene Kitchen Cleaner And Degreaser

Biohygiene Kitchen Cleaner And Degreaser | 2 x 5L

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No rinse, no slip biotechnological cleaner for greasy floors and surfaces

2 x 5 Litres
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BioHygiene Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser uses a synergistic blend of technologies to tackle the tough environment found in kitchens. An eco surfactant and plant derived solvent system provides wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing action to effectively lift and clean inorganic soiling from the kitchen surfaces. This system works with a tailored enzyme pack which removes grease, fats, oils, starch, and other food spillages quickly removing the risk of slips and falls and removing the source of odours.

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